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Triona is owner and therapist at Urban-Soul and is inspired by taking a fresh modern approach to life and our place in it and living life to the full. Combining healing the Mind, Body and the Soul ,empowering you to making your desired reality a possibility. Attracting positivity and releasing old karma and destructive patterns either from your current life or a past life.

We believe that you will only live this life human life once and its import to honour your destiny or soul path as best you can.

Urban-Soul wants to awaken your soul, to open your eyes to your true potential and help you manifest it , using various modalities *QHHT *CBT *Hypnosis *Spiritual Coaching *healing and Reading *LifeBetweenLives regression *Mindfulness

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Find and connect with Triona and the staff at Urban Soul. We’d love for you to get in touch and let us know how we can help – 0892049255 or hello@urban-soul.ie .

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Create subconscious changes to create new responses, new thoughts, new attitudes, behaviors or feelings.

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