About Urban Soul

We offer both Clinical and Spiritual sessions as we understand the Mind, Body and Soul all interact and only by fully looking at each part as a whole  can we truly transfor what we need too . No one technique suits one individual as we are all born truly unique , this is why we Offer a variety of different methods and sessions to each client.

We want to awaken your soul, to open your eyes to your true potential and help you manifest it. We are also deeply passionate about expanding your conscious awareness beyond what you can see every day and connecting into the deeper layers of existence, in essence, connecting to your inner power and raising your vibrations.

Most of us have questions such as Why am I  here ? Whats next ?, How can I the answers ?.

The universe and the human soul is so powerful its an incredible journey to unveil and become aware of what is beyond our daily vision.

We offer various modalities to help you heal and find answers such as Hypnosis for transforming current and past life memories and patterns,  Akashic Readings (Anna Sayce) , Soul Realignment (Andrea Hess), Life Between Lives Hypnosis (Between Lives Spiritual Regression to access and understand are memories before we incarnate), Deep Trance Sessions, QHHT (Quantum Healing) method by Dolores Cannon. All Healing in the form of Guidance readings (connecting to guides) and evidential Mediumship  readings.

We believe healing grief by connecting to loved ones who have passed over and wish to communicate is a huge privilege and done with the deepest respect and honesty.

Reducing or eliminating unwanted physical or emotional pain.

Learning to manifest and attract the reality we want to achieve and ensure all our future goals are met in a step by step easy tried formula.