Healing & Readings

Healing & Readings

Like most mediums it took a deep personal loss for Triona to fully understand what Mediumship was about, and the privilege in serving spirit and the human soul , and she has never looked back. Triona has developed into a professional Medium and has attended training with various inspirational teachers around the world to include (advanced mentorship )with Mavis Pittilla,  and also training with Helen DaVita,  Tony Stockwell, Gordon Smith, Paul Jacobs and many more).

“I go to a different place within myself where my busy mind is quiet and at peace , Where I create a space  for people who have passed over or guides to communicate with me, and I am then surrounded by memories, imprints of physical character’s , personalities , of people’s loved ones who have passed away or their spirit guides who guide them with business and personal guidance” “It is a place like no other and difficult to describe but I know I become a better person, obtaining wisdom beyond my own consciousness ”. 

Before you Book: 

  • Please ensure if it is general guidance or mediumship that you want . Guidance or a Psychic reading is connecting into your auric field and your soul for advise and information to best guide you for your life. Mediumship is connecting to loved ones who have passed to spirit world .
  • Please remember we all have free will and as such guidance is usually that, and we all have the ability and potential to decide and plan our future paths. The aspect of destiny does exist and if its applicable for your reading will be discussed.
  • We cannot guarantee who will communicate for mediumship reading however set your intentions privately before the reading of who you wish to communicate with.
  • any readings will be evidential meaning there should be little or no doubt that reader is communicating ethically and is communicating with your loved one. Using past memories and unique evidence.
  • There is no need , or rarely any need, to answer any questions. A simple yes or no will suffice to let the medium know you understand. this will allow the spiritual medium to connect deeper without distractions.
  • If you feel the reading isn’t for you within the first few minutes it can be ended and a full refund issued. Not every medium or reader is  for everyone.
  • people often ask how do you know a psychic or medium is genuine… well I always say the medium should feel the presence of your loved one , perhaps the hand movements, or the smile might change, some mannerisms etc. You should be able to see a subtle change within the medium with the evidence of communication.

Triona sits regularly in her power every week and works hard continuously on advancing her evidence and quality of communication. She believes in ensuring accurate links with honesty and passion in ensuring the correct information is given as best as possible.
Triona Chanels Guides and on occasion inspirers if their guidance is needed for guidance and inspiration if its needed for the sitter . She also Is a natural healer , and can send distant healing and also Spiritual Healing for physical and emotional support.

Readings are generally 45 minutes but please allow an hour of your time On zoom or Skype .

Different Healing Services offered are

  • Psychic readings for guidance and assistance – This is not fortune telling.
  • Mediumship reading – for connecting with loved ones using evidential information to prove life exists after death and to bridge that connection between the person in spirit and the sitter.
  • connect with Guides or inspirors
  • Healing
  • Guides reading – Soul guidance comes from a place with our spirit team who know us better then we know ourselves. Advising whats in our highest good they can also provide evidence of their existence and offer support to your life’s questions.
  • Business Intuitive readings – Specialising in knowing and seeing potential growth for business opportunities this reading is solely focused on how your business and your company can grow .
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Triona has spent years in training with various inspirational teachers around the world such as