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Releasing emotional pain and connecting with the universe

Urban-Soul is fascinated and deeply passionate with the Human consciousness, the universe and what we attract or manifest to ourselves in our lives.

Why are we here, for what purpose , why did I choose this life and this human existence ?


Triona has spent many years studying to the highest level around the World to expand her knowledge and awareness of worlds within worlds, the Universe , Quantum Physics and various dimensions and the afterlife and the world in which we live and grow in spirit without the distraction of a human form.

Many clients book in for Regression Therapy or QHHT sessions with unexplained body pain and want to release and heal themselves using this powerful techniques. Receiving answers from their highest self , healing at the deepest level possible.

Dolores Cannon has over 50 years hypnosis experience and has perfected the QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique). It is a session that guides the client into deep relaxed states of trance where they can access past lives, future lives or direct communication with guides or source or their Higher selves for information and guidance they wish to access. Understanding the concept of metaphysical anatomy the therapist and client can explore how pain and disease manifest in the body.

Dublin sessions lasts 3 1/5 hours approximately and costs 280 Euro, Greystones is 4 hours and costs 280 Euro

Why choose QHHT or Regression (Past Life Regression)

  • For Physical , Emotional or  Mental healing – Thoughts and Past life Traumas can manifest in the body *metaphysical* . This can be explored, understood in a session and on some occasions resolved .
  • To understand your soul purpose and Soul Contracts. Why am I here, whats my purpose and direction
  • To resolve and remove unwanted patterns from past lives or current live 
  • To explore questions around relationships or future relationships
  • Connect with loved ones and Guides during a session
  • Awaken the spiritual senses 
  • Profound understanding of other worlds, source, and energy
  • To explore your souls origin – Human or ET DNA .
  • Remove fears and worries 
  • General Guidance 
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Inspired by books such as Convoluted Universe, the Three Waves of Volunteers.

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