Regression / Body Therapy


Regression therapy is an incredible way to transform deep issues such as anxiety, smoking, fears, unexplained physical pain, weight loss and many more. By instructing the client to go the source of the problem many times a past life or current life memory is accessed and then transformed over approximately three sessions .

During deeply relaxed enjoyable states the client is gently guided using a method called bridging or hypnosis.The clients subconscious will guide them to the first time this unwanted pattern was formed. When you find the first time and the worst time, its easily resolved and transformed.

Usually the first session with the pre interview is approximately 2 hours and usually each session afterwards is approximately an hour and a half.
Cost is 170 euro.


Inner Child Therapy is when the client has trauma from childhood . By using hypnosis once again going to the source of the pattern or pain , it can be transformed. Inner child therapy also brings in multiple transformation techniques giving the SubConscious and the inner child within gifts such as confidence, strength and so forth that the subconscious now has leaving the session.

Inner child is a longer session , please allow 2 1/2 hours at 200 euro


You may also choose ti experience a positive past life , a journey if you will, an affordable options, with little or no direct transformation please allow 90 minutes at 150 euro

What is Regression Therapy?

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